Bullseye Carnival Games

Come on in and step right up!

Carnival classics. Be entertained with Bully where old school carnival favourites are super fantastic fun for all age groups.

1.Ring Toss. Grab those rings and try and throw them onto Bully’s horns. Lookout and land it on the thumbs up he’s giving you.

2.Popcorn party. Bully has made plenty of popcorn but he’s super clumsy and spilling it everywhere. Can you help fill his Bucket back up and even toss some into his hat?

3.Hover ball. Can you shoot the Nerf guns and knock off those floating balls or if you are better with your arm than your eye throw the bean bags.

Excellent for birthday parties, Carnivals, Fairs, fetes and festivals.

Features:  Individually, player vs player, team competition.

  • Power: 1 x 10 amp socket within 20 meters , Generator available at an additional cost.
  • Dimensions: 6m Width x 2.5m Height x 3m Depth
  • Area Required: 10m x 6m
  • Ground Surface: Hard or grass
  • AGE: 3 +


  • Small Events:$350 for 3 hours, $450 Full Day 7 hours
  • Large Events: $450 for 4 hours including attendant, There after $75 per hour