Fairs, Fetes & Festivals

Street festivals, Food truck events, Night markets.

Your fair, fete or festival is a major fundraising opportunity and a chance to stand out from a crowd of others. Look no further than Bullseye Entertainment Perth.

Organising a large event can be quite stressful and you will find that there are so many options available. You want to have attractions that will be exciting and bring the community together, something simple yet lots of fun. Maximise your success with Bullseye Entertainment Perth, view our products to see how easy they are to play leaving your guests wanting to return for more. Don’t let age or ability get in the way because at Bullseye Entertainment Perth we cater for all. With a great range of fun inflatables suitable for all we have your event covered and one that will be remembered by all.

Large events attract large crowds therefore it is mandatory to have our assistant(s) on hand at all times ensuring a smooth transition and a good flow of customers providing everyone equal opportunities to participate. We will deliver, set up and pack away the inflatable in good time, providing you with peace of mind that everything will run smoothly.

Make Bullseye Entertainment Perth your first choice for Inflatable fun.

Booking your next small event with Bullseye Entertainment Perth is as easy as ABC 123.


1. Availability. Check that the item is available on our calendar and Add your item.
2. Access. Please research and make sure that we have sufficient access to your event. We will require this information on booking.
3. Affordable. Bullseye Entertainment Perth has the best prices in Perth with the highest quality products. We stand by that.



1. Booking. Easy booking system with Bullseye Entertainment Perth.  Don’t leave it to the last minute, plan your event in advance.
2. Baseball, Basketball , Bubble soccer and Bouncy castles. Bullseye Entertainment Perth has them all.
3. Blast. You and your friends will be in for a barrell of laughs and endless entertainment.


1.  Choosing your party theme and your location are the first actions for a party. If you are hosting in a local park please check with your local shire as you may need a permit.
2. Confirm booking.
Bullseye Entertainment Perth will provide you with confirmation of your event on a booking reservation.
3. Challenge
your friends & family with endless fun for all courtesy of Bullseye Entertainment Perth.