Frequently Asked Questions

About your Event

My event is in an open space with no power supply?

Bullseye Entertainment Perth has quality silent running generator’s that will power our inflatables. There is an additional charge of $50 for a standard 3 hour hire event.

Does the inflatable have to be plugged in?

Yes. A standard 10 amp socket to plug the unit in. The socket should be located no more than 20 meters from where the Inflatable is set up. We will provide a heavy duty power lead.

Do I have to leave the inflatable plugged in?

Yes. Even in bad weather situations the inflatable should be left inflated until a team member of Bullseye Entertainment Perth arrives to collect.

Do I need a party host / attendant?

Small events can be self supervised, or if you prefer we can provide assistant(s) for those busier parties leaving you to plan the rest of your event hassle free. We will deliver, set up and pack away the inflatable in good time, providing you with peace of mind that everything will run smoothly.

Large events attract large crowds therefore it is mandatory to have our assistant(s) on hand at all times ensuring a smooth transition and a good flow of customers providing everyone equal opportunities to participate. We will deliver, set up and pack away the inflatable in good time, providing you with peace of mind that everything will run smoothly.

When will the inflatable or other unit be delivered ?

Bullseye Entertainment Perth generally recommend that our deliveries and set up are 30 – 60 minutes before the event begins. Our collections may vary on other location bookings etc. We will inform you as soon as possible and arrange pick up times. Should you require delivery or collection at specific times, we will always do our best to oblige.

Does the unit have to be set up on grass?

No. We can set up most of our inflatables on any smooth and level surface. we will either set up the inflatables with pegs, sandbags or water drums.

However certain units, because of their size and design can only be anchored on grass or turf surface.

Do we require vehicle access to the set up location?

No. Provided that there is sufficient space and clear access provided before our arrival. Set up will be a smooth transition. Please notify us on your booking of any issues or concerns you may have regarding access, Such as steps or uneven ground on entry. (We do require a minimum 1 metre wide clear access to deliver most items).

What if it rains in the day?

In the event of very bad weather a team member at Bullseye Entertainment Perth will call you on the morning of the booking to confirm whether you still want us to deliver. In the case of torrential rain/thunderstorms, We will actually cancel the booking and phone at the earliest possible time. This is done purely for safety reasons. We make no charge for cancelled bookings, any monies paid will be fully refunded.

About your Booking

How much notice do I need to give you to place a booking?

You can make a booking at anytime however, we recommend that you book as early as possible to ensure you get the product you want, for the day you want it. You will also get a faster response if you contact us via telephone. We do take last minute bookings if we have sufficient time available. Please call 0473 312 343.

My party doesn’t start until late. Does this affect the cost?

At Bullseye Entertainment Perth we are always here to help our customers no matter what the circumstances. Contact us to arrange a booking to suit your requirements.

Do you charge for delivery?

We operate a free 30km service from Clarkson central. Customers outside of this radius may be required to pay an extra service charge depending on distance required for travel and the package booked. Should you be outside of our free delivery area please contact us for our help.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made online bank transfer or in cash to our delivery driver once the Inflatable is set up and the customer is happy. A booking confirmation deposit is required.

I have my own question?

Do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we have missed or further information that you that you require. We are always happy to take your call or message.

I need to cancel or change the booking?

We realise that situations can change very rapidly and not only due to the weather conditions. All we ask is that you contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or change your booking. You will have the opportunity to move your event to another date depending on equipment availability. Any other cancellation will not be refunded. We do not charge for cancelled bookings providing you give us 48 hours notice.

Do you have Public Liability insurance?

Yes. All of our inflatables carry a 20 million AU dollars Public Liability cover. This covers the unit for any mishap which may occur due to the unit being faulty. It does not cover accidents which may occur due to human error, mis-use of the unit or lack of proper supervision. It is down to you, as the customer to make sure the unit is properly supervised at all times and that the terms and conditions of hire that we provide are correctly adhered to.