Foot Pool


Not sure if you feel like a few games of pool with your buddy or fancy playing a bit of football with a bunch of mates? What you need is Foot Pool a combination of both. Another hybrid sport available for you to hire courtesy of Bullseye Entertainment Perth

The rules are simple, players take it in turns to pot one of their own coloured balls just as in pool, until the table is cleared. The twist this time is the table is human sized and the pool balls have been replaced with footballs.

An exciting and fun game for all occasions and a popular game for those Corporate team building days, No matter how active you are or how old you are Bullseye Entertainment Perth has it covered.

Features: Individually, player vs player, team competition

Power: 1 x 10 amp socket within 20 meters , Generator available at an additional cost.

Dimensions: 8m Length x 5m Width x 0.8m Height

Area Required: 10m x 7m

Ground Surface: Hard or grass flat

AGE: 10 +

Small Events: $300 for 3 hours, $500 Full Day 7 hours

Large Events: $400 for 4 hours including attendant, There after $75 per hour