Hover Ball

Hover ball is a great way to experience archery in any environment. Players take turns to fire the foam-tipped arrows at the hovering balls located inside the inflated archery range. No prior archery experience is needed, our staff will teach players and allow for lots of practice so you can knock all 4 balls down!

Alternatively use our nerf guns to down the hovering balls.

Features: Individually, player vs player, team competition

Power: 1 x 10 amp socket within 20 meters , Generator available at an additional cost.

Dimensions: 3.2m Width x 2.5m Height x 1.5m Depth

Area Required:   4m x 2.5m

Ground Surface: Hard or grass

AGE: 3+

Small Events: $300 for 3 hours, $500 Full Day 7 hours

Large Events: $400 for 4 hours including attendant, There after $75 per hour