Soccer Ball Target

Football, Soccer, The World game, whatever you like to call it there is one thing for sure and no denying that there has been some exceptional talent through times. Pele, Maradonna, Messi, Ronaldo! All of these players past and present are legends of the wonderful game. So who is your Soccer idol?

We here at Bullseye Entertainment Perth have a big liking to football and have lots of interactions with footballers. Maybe we could get a slight glimpse into the future at your next event.

Get together and bring the best out in you with Bullseye Entertainment Perth’s soccer ball target.

According to FIFA Football / Soccer is the most participated sport in the world with an estimated amount of over 265 million people which equates to around 5% of the human population.

Features: Individually, player vs player, team competition

Power: 1 x 10 amp socket within 20 meters , Generator available at an additional cost.

Dimensions: 3m Width x 3m Height x 1m Depth

Area Required: 7m x 5m

Ground Surface: Hard or grass

AGE: 3 +

Small Events: $250 for 3 hours, $450 Full Day 7 hours

Large Events: $350 for 4 hours including attendant, There after $75 per hour